Our suggestions

Our team loves to explore, to suggest and to share. Our dishes are simple, healthy and nutritious at the same time.

Jacket potatoes

Sausage & gorgonzola cheese, Bra sausage & Castelmagno cheese with onion jam, fassone minced meat & alpine cheese, courgettes & aubergines with dried tomatoes, escargots, wild boar, goulash, buffalo mozzarella & cured raw ham, burrata cream & salmon, lamb skewers & alpine cheese, red cabbage with sausage & boletus, burrata cream & roast pork, smoked ham & fresh cheese, tripe & champignons, asparagus with eggs & parmesan, raw fassone meat & burrata cream, prawns with burrata cream & cherry tomatoes, bacon with artichokes & gorgonzola cheese…and many other choices


While waiting for your jacket potato, or as an alternative, you can enjoy a focaccia filled with stracchino cheese (made from a yeast free dough), tasty and delicate at the same time.

In addition, you’ll find chianina hamburgers, fassone minced meat, Bra sausage, buffalo mozzarella & cured raw ham, burrata & cured raw ham, salads, filled flatbreads and pizza-like flatbreads.